jueves, octubre 5, 2023

Hong Kong, Guangdong meet for Combating Climate Change

Hong Kong and Guangdong held their second meeting of the Joint Liaison Group on Combating Climate Change, creating a roadmap on how the two should tackle climate issues.

In the meeting that was held in Hong Kong, Secretary for the Environment KS Wong and Guangdong Development and Reform Commission Deputy Director Lu Xiulu agreed on a work plan for 2013 to 2014.

They discussed the inclusion of organizing a technical seminar on the climate projection for the Pearl River Delta Region in the 21st century, focusing on projection methodologies, data analysis and study results.

Both parties plan to jointly organize exchange sessions on climate change adaptation issues, which will include relevant study findings and implementation experiences. It is also part of their plan to jointly explore and exchange ideas on energy conservation and efficiency of infrastructures.

In addition, Gungdong will organize a carbon-trading seminar which will discuss setting standards for reporting and verifying businesses’ carbon footprints, and related systems’ design for Hong Kong to participate in.

Efforts that both parties have taken in the period of 2012 to 2013 were reviewed by the co-chairs, including the technical seminar on renewable energy and electric vehicles.

The joint liaison group was established back in 2011 to combat climate change, coordinate relevant measures and activities, as well as promote related scientific research and technology development.

Hong Kong has been working continuously to combat climate change because of the effects that are being felt in the region. According to the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong, the sea level in the Victoria Harbor has risen at a rate of 2.8 millimeters per year during the period of 1954 to 2011. – EcoSeed Staff – EcoSeed



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