Millions of tons of carbon pollution can be eliminated – N.R.D.C. analysis

A new analysis from the Natural Resources Defense Council finds that hundreds of millions of tons of carbon pollution can be eliminated on an annual basis in 2020.

The N.R.D.C. has released an updated analysis of its 2012 plan which contains the environmental action group’s proposal on how to cut carbon pollution from America’s power plants. It examines solutions that rely on energy efficiency, wind energy, and carbon capture and storage.

According to their new analysis, 470 to 700 million tons of carbon pollution can be eliminated per year in 2020 compared to 2012 levels – emissions equivalent to that of 95 to 130 million autos.

N.R.D.C.’s plan would also yield $28 billion to $63 billion in medical and environmental benefits, outweighing the costs of putting first-ever limits on carbon pollution.

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“Today, while we limit sulfur and mercury emissions from power plants, there are no national limits on the vast amounts of carbon pollution these plants emit. That’s driving destructive climate change and putting future generations at grave risk,” said Peter Lehner, N.R.D.C.’s executive director.

“N.R.D.C.’s new analysis demonstrates that there are cheaper, cleaner and more routes to substantially reduce this dangerous pollution. They would eliminate billions of tons of carbon pollution from our air; create tens of thousands of clean energy jobs and deliver benefits of up to $63 billion in 2020 – six times greater than the cost,” Mr. Lehner explained.

In addition to eliminating tons of carbon pollution, the approaches discussed in the new analysis could also achieve lower electricity bills; stimulate investments in cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy; prevent asthma attacks, hospital visits, and premature deaths; and deliver benefits in lives saved, reduced illnesses, and avoid damage from climate change amounting to billions of dollars by 2020. – EcoSeed Staff


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