lunes, marzo 27, 2023

SOLAR BRIGHT provides a vehicle Rolhus to Saudi Aramco for cleaning its photovoltaic panels in Saudi Arabia

This ROLHUS PV panels cleaning system of the Spanish company SOLAR BRIGHT SL provides an effective, fast, safe and economical cleaning with significant savings of water.

Saudi Aramco, Kingdom Saudi Arabia’s state oil company leading worldwide energy, has acquired a ROLHUS cleaning vehicle designed and built by the Spanish company Solar Bright SL for its solar modules installed on marquees in the parking area of its headquarters in Dhahran in Saudi Arabia.

Installed solar panels cover an area of 4,450 parking spaces with an estimated production of 10MW.

This time and for this customer, the vehicle has been implemented with a real vision system along with a thermographic camera that allows an efficiency check analysis of the panels in real time while cleaning is performed.

About SOLAR BRIGHT and ROLHUS PV panels cleaning system:

Solar Bright is a High-tech and innovating company established in Spain in 2008, which is fully committed to research, and development, aimed at increasing solar efficiency in solar farms.

The company has developed a system for solar panels cleaning based on a method with steam water that allows the following advantages:

  • Low water consumption.- water consumption is much lower than another cleaning procedure, Rolhus consumes between 8 and 10 times less water than another procedure.
  • Fast cleaning process.- linear cleaning speed of 1-2 Km/h
  • Effective cleaning.-recovers 97-100% of lost efficiency.
  • Low number of workers.- controlled by a single operator.
  • Safe for panels, structures and solar plants.- The cleaning method complies with the parameters advised by the manufacturers of photovoltaic panels with no thermal stress, no micro cracks and no leakage currents on the panels.

The main feature of this ROLHUS cleaning method is its cleaning tool controlled by an Approach System and Positioning System. The steam is projected on the cleaning surface with a constant temperature and pressure that meet the specifications of solar modules manufacturers. A system of active adaptations controls the distance between the cleaning tool and the structure absorbing vibration generated by the moving vehicle, allowing the cleaning of the panels in a completely secure way, without the risk of damage for panels and structures.

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