martes, junio 6, 2023

U.S. Green Building Council spurs establishment of green schools

However, out of the almost 140,000 schools, colleges and universities in the country, thousands are barely built to code. Thus, the United States Green Building Council launched its Center for Green Schools to encourage the development of green schools.

The center envisions that students will learn inside buildings that were built and are operating sustainability. The center will equip schools with information on how to transform into sustainable buildings.

It will also develop advocacy tools to support student groups and over 1,000 green school committee professional volunteers to facilitate discussions regarding sustainability concerns. In addition, training and resources will be provided to schools serving lower-income families, underresourced institutions and community colleges.

Green schools can bring numerous benefits to both its students and owners. For example, the air that circulates within the facility is cleaner, improving students’ health and concentration. Since green schools have better insulation, they also have better acoustics that can enhance communication.

Lastly, green schools are more energy efficient, using less water and electricity, thereby reducing energy costs.

“I’ve witnessed the profound impact green buildings have on our lives and the innovation they have poured into the marketplace, and I believe no other market speaks more powerfully to the benefits and potential of green buildings than our schools,” said Rick Fedrizzi, the center’s chief executive, president and founding chair.
The United Technologies Corporation (NYSE:
) will provide a multi-year, multimillion-dollar financial sponsorship for the center. Through U.T.C.’s help, the center is expected to help build hundreds of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-certified schools in the next few years.




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