viernes, febrero 3, 2023

California utility inks feed-in tariff deal for 60 MW of solar

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District has agreed to purchase 60 megawatts of solar power from Recurrent Energy’s various solar projects in California as part of the utility’s feed-in tariff program.

Recurrent Energy will develop 12 solar power projects with a capacity of 5 MW each in Galt and Elk Grove in the southern portion of Sacramento County. All of the projects are expected to start operations by 2012.

The multiple 20-year power purchase agreements for these projects are the first to come out of the feed-in tariff program, which was launched in January of this year.

The feed-in tariff streamlines buying electricity fed into the distribution system from eligible generation units at customer sites by standardizing the price that the utility pays. The tariff is currently aimed at projects of up to 5 MW connected to the utility’s local distribution system and is capped at 100 MW.

The tariff applies to both renewable and fossil-fuel generation technologies, although it sets higher prices for power produced from renewable energy sources such as solar and biogas. The tariff also applies to combined heat and power generators, which use fuels like natural gas but also utilize waste heat for on-site purposes to reduce overall fuel use and improve air quality.

The utility believes that the feed-in tariff program will provide an opportunity for small-scale generation plants to sell power at a fair market price, as well as help the utility meet its renewable portfolio standard and greenhouse gas reduction targets.

“We are excited about Recurrent Energy’s enthusiasm for participating in this renewable energy program,” said Jim Shetler, assistant general manager of the Sacramento utility. “Sixty additional megawatts of renewable power is a welcome addition to the Sacramento area.”

The program already received applications exceeding its 100-MW capacity. All applications received were for solar photovoltaic technology.

California established a renewable portfolio standard that requires retail energy sellers to meet 20 percent of retail sales from eligible renewable energy sources by the end of 2010.

The utility set its own renewable target of 33 percent by 2020. As of 2008, it has met 19.5 percent of its customers’ needs with renewable resources.





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