domingo, abril 2, 2023

Suntech, A.D.B. install largest rooftop solar system in Manila

The largest rooftop solar installation in the Philippines was installed by Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd. on the headquarters of the Asian Development Bank in the capital Manila.

The 571-kilowatt rooftop solar installation will generate more than 600 megawatt-hours of solar electricity and offset 307 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Suntech worked with Philippine-based engineering, procurement and construction company Propmech Corporation on the installation which was officially inaugurated on June 5, World Environment Day.

«This solar installation demonstrates that with innovative solar products and collaboration among bankable partners, solar can provide a cost-effective solution for electricity generation across Southeast Asia,» said Zhengrong Shi, chief executive of Suntech.

The installation is also a way for the Philippines-based A.D.B. to «walk the talk» when it comes to clean energy initiatives, showing support for solar power installations and building energy efficiency programs.

«Using rooftops and other open spaces is an efficient way for businesses and homes to capture and use the energy of the sun,» said S. Chander, director general of A.D.B.’s sustainable development department. «We hope other companies will follow A.D.B.’s example.»

The bank’s headquarters previously earned a gold rating under the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design’s assessment.

The new solar installation will run a portion of the bank headquarters’ air conditioning, lighting and computer systems.


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