viernes, junio 9, 2023

Iberdrola joins Maine in $ 1.5 billion smart grid shift

Iberdrola U.S.A. and Central Maine Power  Company have launched two smart grid projects worth over $1.5 billion to upgrade the state’s electricity distribution system and make it suitable for renewable energy adaptation.

The $1.4 billion Maine power reliability program intends to boost the capacity and efficiency of the transmission grid to ensure long-term reliability. The project will also support the development of new renewable energy resources in the New England region.

The project is deemed as Maine’s largest energy infrastructure and its first electricity upgrade in 40 years. It will be completed by 2015 and will generate over 3,000 jobs annually during the five-year construction phase.

The project involves the construction of five new 345-kilovolt substations and facilities connected by approximately 450 miles of new or rebuilt transmission lines. The line’s southern end will be tied into the New England grid, which crosses 75 cities and towns, while the northern end will be linked with transmission lines from Canada at Orrington, Maine.

Central Maine Power conducted a study of the region’s grid, which reinforces the necessity for an upgrade on the infrastructure to improve the reliability of electricity distribution to surrounding areas.

“Our state will have a smarter, stronger grid when it’s complete. While the project is about building critical infrastructure to serve Maine for generations, in the short term it will mean jobs when Maine needs them,” said Sara Burns, president of Central Maine Power.

Both Iberdrola – a subsidiary of Spanish energy giant Iberdrola S.A. – and Central Main Power have successfully installed the first of 620,000 smart electricity meters as part of a $166 million smart grid project to be developed over the next two years.

The smart meters will allow customers to manage their energy use and costs by accessing the pricing and usage information from a Web portal. The utility will also receive the best possible data on outages that will help them deliver a speedier response, as well as allow them to cut operation costs and improve system planning.

“Just as importantly, because the transmission project is a foundation for the development of renewable energy and the smart grid program will help customers reduce energy consumption, these projects are about protecting the environment for future generations,” added Bob Kump, chief executive of Iberdrola U.S.A.





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