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Something old becomes new and green – new purposes for old things

Imagine you have to take a few types of pills for a certain period and you carry them around everywhere with you in your bag or pocket That might be unpleasant, and youll also need enough of space

We buy things that we need or not, we use them, then often throw them away for the simple reason that we don’t find them functional anymore. Well, this is where we are wrong. Imagine all the money you have invested on things that you simply toss and forget about. It sounds like a much better idea to find another purpose of the things you would otherwise throw away and put them back to life, in a new way. All you need is to let your imagination work and you’ll become a witness of your own creativity. It feels great to find new super functional purpose of an item you think you don’t need. It’s useless to mention that this is also a good way to protect the environment, when reusing something, rather than disposing of it. So, next time you decide to throw something away, think twice and make sure if you can find another application of it.

Pills Container

Imagine you have to take a few types of pills for a certain period and you carry them around everywhere with you in your bag or pocket? That might be unpleasant, and you’ll also need enough of space. In case you are not a lady and don’t have a bag, this might be a problem. Here comes the reusing solution – use an old contact lenses container to store the exact amount of pills you have to take and save yourself from having to carry all of them. Now, this is very handy. However, make sure you clean the containers well before you put pills in it. Disinfect it with white vinegar, instead of using chemical-based detergent.

Old Toothbrush

The use of a toothbrush in cleaning is a very common thing. Most of us are aware of the fact that a toothbrush can help us a lot in cleaning many things around the house. Use your old toothbrush to clean tiles in the bathroom or the kitchen, faucets, light fittings, small grease stains, pane corners and all kinds of areas that are hard to access.

Old Towels

Old towels usually find their place in the trash bin. However, don’t throw you old towel away, even if it’s ragged and torn. You can use the towel as a mop and effectively clean the floor at home with it. You can also use it to dry areas, such as kitchen plots or sinks or the bathroom floor. Instead of using paper towels in the kitchen, use old reusable towels. This will make a nice change to both your budget and the environment.

Old Socks And T-Shirts

No one likes torn socks. However, you can easily and effectively apply them in cleaning all kinds of surface, including leather. Use old socks or t-shirts as cloths and clean your shoes and bags or simply use them to polish your furniture at home.

Old Bottles And Jars

Old bottles and jars can also find their purpose around the house and not end up in the garbage. Use all types of bottles and jars to store different kinds of things – basically anything that needs to be stored, be it food, drinks or anything else. You big jars to store your small accessories, such as hair pins, bracelets, rings, etc.SparklingCarpets Tooting advise you to use spray bottles to store home-made all-purpose cleaners. Don’t forget to label the things you store, so that you don’t have a bad time drinking a cleaner for example.

File Box

Use an old file box as an extra store box in the fridge. You can place fruit and vegetables there and keep them more organised. Make sure you wash and disinfect the box in advance. It has to be clean in order to place food in it.

Hally Bertram is a talented, professional writer writing on behalf of Sparkling Carpets.



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