Wacaco saves the workday with hand-powered portable espresso machine

Wacaco’s Minipresso lets you brew up delicious shots of the stuff virtually anywhere, without the need for electricity. Minipresso weighs in at less than a pound and works using a hand pump system, building up to 116 psi of pressure to optimally extract a quarter ounce of grind.

the workplace of is filled with employees that are powered by warm brews of coffee throughout the day. in order to get their fix, they escape, just for a couple minutes, to the nearest shop around the corner or walk down the thin pathways between cubicles towards the break room. Once a cup has been poured, every sip is a hybrid of rejuvenation and relaxation so they can focus on the tasks ahead. but getting a dose of caffeine isn’t always easy.

There can be long lines served by overwhelmed baristas or unclean, burnt pots left in the office from the day before. taking away the stress that can consume a person during this sequence of events, wacaco has developed ‘minipresso’, a device that helps you prepare shots with the quality of a traditional machine.


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The ease of use lies in its conception. the product doesn’t require compressed air, N2O cartridges, or electricity for its operation. with 6.95 inch tall, hand-operated body, users can control the quantity of extracted coffee. A few pumps on the semi-automatic piston and they can concoct smooth espresso full of flavor. Once perfected, a built-in cup takes away the need for a mug. ‘minipresso’ is available with adapters for coffee grounds or caffitaly capsules.


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