lunes, octubre 2, 2023

Veloloop for bicycles hacks traffic signals by auto-triggering sensors

the ‘veloloop‘ automatically triggers traffic sensors at intersections so that bicycles get detected instead of waiting for a car to prompt the switch.

this enables cyclists to set off the tuner themselves, rather than watch vehicles turn in every other direction. by attaching it to the bike, the mechanism works similarly to a car’s as it detects and changes the signal when at a junction.

using a patented circuit, the device runs on very low power so a pair of AAA batteries can power it for over a year.  it also features an LED which alerts the rider when the ‘veloloop’ is searching for a sensor and when it has locked on to one. the technology product is live on kickstarter and is seeking funding to deliver its project.

the patented device

the product attaches onto a bicycle’s frame

a demonstration of the kickstarter product vs magnets for triggering traffic sensors – INNOVAticias



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