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Zero2infinity bloostar launches nanosatellites with balloon vehicle

The zero2infinity ‘bloostar‘ launches nanosatellites from the stratosphere, by enhancing high-altitude balloons with rockets. the spanish company is known for its extensive near-space ballooning experience – such as the bloon – and will offer this new dispatch-on-demand technology by an estimated year of 2017.

the helium and batteries powered airship is used for the first stage, where after the rocket is ignited when it is above 99% of the atmosphere.

the rockets initiate when its nears the edge of the atmosphere

the ‘bloostar’ booster does not require to impel through the denser parts of the atmosphere and turns on when in conditions where there is lower drag and smaller gravity losses. this translates to the amount of propellant needed being much lower than for a ground or even an airborne set off. these advantages ensure the lowest unit cost per cast-off and lessens satellite-launching pollution effects. zero2infinity have completed preliminary tests in september 2013 and 2014, and continue to introduce modifications for future experiments.

josé mariano lópez-urdiales, CEO and founder of zero2infinity says: ‘nanosatellites today need to fly as secondary payloads, and hitchhike their way into orbit. we have been working on the idea for bloostar for years. now the technology on both the satellite and launch vehicle sides is mature enough to make it happen. many new successful companies have business plans based on nanosatellites, like skybox Imaging, but the dedicated launcher that they would need, doesn’t exist yet. the launch industry needs to be transformed and adapt to the real necessity of providing small payloads with the flexibility to pick their own orbit and their launch date. we believe bloostar, as the first orbital rockoon, is the solution for clean, cost – effective and sustainable space access.’

the bloostar divides into several parts as it reaches its mission

reverse view of the bloostar

diagram of the stages of separation

the bloostar helps launch nanosatellites on demand – INNOVAticias



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