Relax anywhere with the ergonomic + portable sitpack seat by mono+mono

There are always events, activities, and routines that require you to stand for long amounts of time on a daily basis.

whether you’re watching your child’s soccer game or waiting for the next train, it’s inevitable for your body to become tired. this is accompanied by a lack of bleachers or benches in highly public places that are frequently occupied by people. responding to this need to rest our legs, mono+mono has envisioned ‘sitpack’, a project they believe to be ‘the world’s most portable, adjustable, and ergonomic foldable seat’. 

the work is a minimalist and functional product, created with the seven universal design principles in mind. the vision is to make the acts of sitting and resting easily available in an inconspicuous manner for people of all ages. in turn, users will have increased blood flow and focus, while keeping their balance and core active.

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color variations

to produce the seat, 12 different iterations were 3D-printed and thoroughly tested. once mono+mono perfected the structure’s stability, they decided that the device would be made entirely from one material, polycarbonate. as this polymer is also used for bulletproof glass, its translation into a portable furnishing has resulted in a piece capable of supporting a 130+ kg person.

the product fits in your back pocket

‘sitpack’ will be made entirely in denmark at a family-owned manufacturing facility. the factory will make the 11 complex injection molds necessary for forming the unique, internal geometries. the project is currently looking for funding on kickstarter here.

the packaging is extremely compact

complex patented functionality

the creators

designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here. – INNOVAticias

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