lunes, octubre 2, 2023

Fonkraft modular smartphone enables users to customize its functions

With interchangeable parts, the ‘fonkraft‘ modular smartphone enables users to customize, upgrade and easily fix their device.

if the user is in the need for a better camera, in order to participate in hi-res photography, they can replace this module, or set an additional battery so they can capture images for longer. the mobile phone is ready for any life situation, enabling old modules to be switched with new ones. as well as this, its interchangeability lets owners replace broken parts, i.e. its five-inch display, without going to a service center. running on an android operating system, the ‘fonkraft’ modular smartphone is offer in four preconfigured options; ‘pilot’, ‘resolution’, ‘hifi’ and ‘elements’.

the first, the ‘pilot’, stands out by featuring a 3100 mAh and additional mAh li-ion batteries, which lasts 550 hours, with up to 30 hours of talk time and 90 hours of listening to music. the ‘resolution’ has a 20MP camera-module with sophisticated optics, and 64GB of storage for holding those professional images. for audiophile enthusiasts, the ‘hifi’ has a 192kHz module made out of wood, which provides an excellent sound. finally, the ‘elements’ offers all the modules and because ‘fonkraft’ is an open hardware platform, has the potential to include further developments from other brands. the modular smartphone is currently seeking funding via its indiegogo campaign.

main components, like CPU, RAM, camera and other features, are modules and can be easily switched

the pilot mobile phone features two battery components

high levels of photography is ensured by the resolution phone

the hifi guarantees excellent sound – INNOVAticias



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