Electric bicycle by vela wants to ease the urban commute

The bicycle was the first form of personal transportation before automobiles were even prototypes.

Since then car manufacturers have embraced technology into their products at a rapid pace, while the bicycle has been taking its time to slowly evolve. enter vela; a company adopting technology in all its glory, and still sticking to a veteran bike blueprint. the classic diamond frame is made of 4130 chromoly steel and encompasses a 370Wh lithium ion battery that slides down the main tube and front and rear LED headlights. fat road tires are intergrated for better comfort and dodging those pesky tram line tracks.

the ‘vela bicycle’ also includes a leather wrapped waterproof main panel which has: a five volt USB port aimed for charging mobile gadgets;  a LED battery life indicator; and a companion outlet for direct charging without the need for removing it. the rear wheel houses a single speed ‘8fun’ 350 W brushless electric motor with a max torque of 35Nm. the mechanism detects heavy pedaling situations and automatically helps to ease the driver through tough inclines. the ‘vela’ also has a motion sensor to recognize when its being stolen. if it is stolen, the GPS tracker onboard can relay to the companion app exactly where the bike is located. the whole design weighs 42 pounds (19 kg). the project is currently looking for funding on its kickstarter page with a shipping deadline of november 2015.  

the main panel unit

includes a classic raised handlebar

the single speed electric motor

includes a brooks leather seat with springs

the frame hides all cable and electric wires

incorporates shimano front and rear breaks


www.designboom.com – INNOVAticias



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