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U.S. provides $25 million for technical assistance to renewables

The Department of Energy launched a $25 million program dedicated to providing technical assistance to two low-carbon areas funded by the economic stimulus.

The state energy program and the energy efficiency and conservation block grant program on renewable energy and green buildings, respectively, are funded by the 2009 Recovery Act economic stimulus.

Renewable energy projects in the first include wind farms and solar installations. Cost-effective, clean, and reliable energy-saving technologies in buildings and infrastructure nationwide are targeted by the latter.

The funding will provide states and cities with tools and resources they need to implement the two programs successfully.

Assistance will come in the form of one-on-one help, an extensive online resource library and a peer-exchange forum for best practices.

“The technical assistance program – which is jointly-funded with E.E.C.B.G. and S.E.P. Recovery Act funds – will accelerate project execution, improve program performance, and increase the return on Recovery Act investments,” the department said.

Through the technical assistance, state energy and energy efficiency program grantees and sub-grantees can receive free direct assistance from over 200 technical experts including representatives from the department’s national laboratories, nonprofits, stakeholder organizations and for-profit consulting firms.

An online solution center will provide access to the latest information on best practices, case studies, online trainings and Webcasts, an interactive project map and an events calendar.

The state energy program was arranged to facilitate and provide funding to states to speed up the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. It received $3.1 billion under the 2009 Recovery Act to support the diffusion of clean energy technologies at the grassroots.





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