Interior Department distributes energy revenues to federal, state governments

The United States Department of the Interior, through the Office of Natural Resources Revenue, has given $11.16 billion in energy revenues from energy projects on public lands and offshore areas to various federal and state governments for the fiscal year 2011, a $2 billion increase over last years disbursements.

«These revenues reflect significant domestic energy production and are a critical revenue stream for governments and American Indian communities, particularly in light of current economic conditions. The revenues will also support much-needed projects that create American jobs, such as power and water development in the West, land and water conservation efforts throughout the United States, critical infrastructure improvements and funding for education,» Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said in a statement.

More than $6 billion of the sum went to the U.S. Treasury. Nearly $2 billion went to 37 states as their share of revenues from mineral production on federal lands including oil, gas, and coal production.

The revenue disbursements also funded programs that promote state and local water, recreational and conservation efforts, including $1.53 billion to the Reclamation Fund; $892 million for the Land and Water Conservation Fund; and $150 million for the Historic Preservation Fund.

O.N.R.R. makes disbursements on a monthly basis from royalties, rents and bonuses it collects from mineral companies. (Jhoanna Frances S. Valdez)




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