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SA umbrella employs planar tension, like origami, to open and close

NOOKA‘s matthew waldman, together with young designer justin nagelberg, have collaborated on a product that re-imagines the structure, form and aesthetics of the umbrella as we know it.

Eliminating the skeleton frame and mesh traditionally employed to inform its shape, the creative duo have turned to the japanese art of paper folding, using a planar tension that is similar to that of origami, to inform the function of their ‘SA umbrella’.

made from a highly recyclable, waterproof plastic — its impermeability, lightness and strength making it an ideal application for the product — the ‘SA umbrella’ is characterized by six guide panels found along the ridges of its canopy (made from a stronger version of the same material) which ensure structural rigidity and strength against wind. these strips assist in the opening and closing of the rain protection system, and offer support from the top of the canopy to its farthest edges. additionally, because there is no metal infrastructure on its interior, there is more headroom, with the panels designed so that the tips are less pointy, making it safer to walk around in wet conditions.

unlike other umbrellas on the market, ‘SA’ is the only one that functions on an internalized handle mechanism closure set-up, meaning that there are no exposed moving components, making it stronger and longer lasting. when the flexible plastic is not in tension, it automatically bounces back into shape even when it makes contact with high winds. a magnetic system embedded along the perimeter of the ‘SA umbrella’ panels ensure tight closure, while opening naturally releases the magnets as outward force increases.

‘SA umbrella’ in its open form

an expression of improved efficiency, the handle design’s internalized mechanism does without the need of having slider components. instead, the simple rotation of the bottom of the handle and the integrated spring loaded device, opens the umbrella automatically; while closing is simply done by pulling on it, like a bicycle pump or pinball machine will see it retract.  

finally, as a result of its unibody, the canopy, handle and pole of the ‘SA umbrella’ can each be easily swapped out with other variations and colors available, making it easy to repair. the project is currently seeking funding on kickstarter here.

the typical metal structure found on the inside of umbrellas is eliminated, offering more head room under the canopy – INNOVAticias



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