Dillenger cheetah electric folding bike adorns new production methods

Whilst remaining fun, healthy and environmentally friendly, the dillenger ‘cheetah electric folding’ bike utilizes a new design and production technique to improve its affordability.

the two-wheeler uses a removable and lockable, 12Ah 24V rechargeable battery to offer a range of up to 45km and speeds of 20km/h with pedal assist. being equipped with a mid-mount suspension and a single speed gear set, it weighs just 28kg and is able to fold into a compact and easily portable form. considering this and the cost-effective straight-line manufacturing process, the company’s creation can be bought and delivered worldwide for under $400 AUD, instead of the average price of $1,700 for an e-bicycle, if their kickstarter campaign is successful.

the electric bicycle folded up

close-up of electrically powered horn

new sprung saddle provides a comfortable riding experience

the two-wheeler features a custom rear pannier rack

the bicycle is available in a range of colors: black, red, white and blue


www.designboom.com – INNOVAticias



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