Apple lightmac concept fuses desktop power with projected touch screen

The apple ‘lightmac’ developed by industrial designer, tomas moyano, integrates the power of a desktop computer, the user experience of tablets and the progressing technology of projected touch screens, to create a conceptual product aimed for the market in 2025.

the core i9 processor central component that has 16 GB of RAM and 24 hour battery life, takes care of the processing tasks and works in sync via bluetooth 6.0, with the external modules and even a wireless keyboard. the peripheral parts which have a battery life of 12 hours, project the display and can be re-sized to offer a customizable interaction.

the central module provides the power of a desktop computer

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the re-sizable screen offers an user experience similar to that of a tablet

it works wirelessly with the main component

the conceptual product aims be to apple’s next step in computer evolution – INNOVAticias

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