Plastic-based LG CHEM OLED lighting panels offer improved flexibility

Newly announced LG CHEM ‘OLED lighting panels’, one which is the largest available in the world and another using a recently developed plastic-based material, will start being manufactured in january and july respectively.

With an efficiency of 60lm/W, the former which costs $680 USD per panel, measures a grand 320 x 320 mm, is a minimal 0.88 mm thick, and is available for general purpose use. the polymer substrate of the ‘OLED lighting panel’ has a vastly increased bending radius to enable more flexible use, and as well, it eliminates the danger of shattering glass.

the new material eliminates the danger of the panel shattering when excessive force is applied

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both panels have an efficiency of 60lm/W which enables them to be used for general purposes

the 320 x 320mm panel which is 0.88 mm thick, is the largest available panel in the world – INNOVAticias

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