lunes, febrero 6, 2023

Hong Kong’s year-end recycling campaign ends with a bang

The campaign’s goal was to provide an outlet for the public to dispose of their used or waste electrical and electronic equipment or W.E.E.E. in the program’s terms. It was organized by Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department.

The department spent about 160,000 Hong Kong dollars ($20,500) and arranged for the collection of the e-waste from the households. Over 300 households registered, out of which more than half participated.

“The campaign was well received by the public,” the Hong Kong environment agency said in an interview. “Both the number of housing estates served and quantity of [e-waste] collected met the targets set.

“It is encouraging to note that the public are willing to provide their [e-waste] to the recycling program for proper reuse and recycling.”

The agency sent home appliances to W.E.E.E. Go Green, a charitable project funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund established by the government. Reusable home appliances were restored and delivered to families in need.

Computer products were delivered to the Computer Recycling Program, a voluntary producer scheme managed and funded by computer companies. Products that can still be salvaged were refurbished and given to the Hong Kong Caritas.

Rechargeable batteries went to the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Program managed and funded by the mobile phone and battery trade. The environment agency said the three programs will continue even after the new year.

“We are encouraged by the positive response to the campaign and will take this into account in our future planning of these promotion activities,” the agency said.





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