Olaf folds from backpack to trolley, scooter and skateboard

as a vision of urban mobility, olaf puts a spin on your usual commuting experience. its multifunctional facets allow it to act as a carry-on, airline-approved suitcase, trolley, kick-scooter and skateboard.

an instant pedal transformation system forms all 4 functionalities: an ergonomically designed backpack, with added hidden wheel cover pockets to keep your back clean when worn on the body; a kick scooter bearing a wooden deck and flexible curving based steering system; a skateboard with three large and narrow wheels and high-quality bearings; and a trolley with a lengthily double telescopic handlebar and sturdy chassis.

with two design variations — the business and urban model — olaf is fit for both fun and functionality, and — although the two models differ from one another in their intended use, they are both unisex, unisize and can bear up to 100kg (220lbs). the project is currently seeking funding on kickstarter, here.

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kicking the scooter into the backpack frame allows it to fold up at the flip of a foot

olaf folds in half to act as both a longboard and a backpack

the sturdy backpack/scooter cruises around the city streets

an ergonomically designed backpack hides hidden wheel cover pockets to keep your back clean when worn on the body

taking to the street

used as a scooter

doubling as a trolley to carry your own personal bags

the olaf business model


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