Virtual reality vuzix Iwear 720 video headphones announced at 2015 GDC

Announced at the 2015 game developers conference in san francisco, the vuzix ‘Iwear 720′ video headphones which runs on the open-souce virtual reality platform, provides a new standard for entertainment and gaming systems.

The portable console, driven by battery power, is compatible with any device that supports HDMI output, and allows wearer’s to play games, apps and watch 2D, 3D and 360° VR movies. the product features integrated motion tracking, unity 3D and advanced engine support to deliver this gaming experience. in addition to this, its dual HD displays and nano optics, provides a screen that seems as big as a 130-inch home television set.

it features dual HD displays which provides a large screen for gaming

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‘we are thrilled to be attending GDC 2015 and showing off our new Iwear 720 video headphones at the world’s largest and longest running professionals-only game industry event,’ said paul travers, president and CEO at vuzix.

‘the Iwear 720 is ready to be the most compatible VR and entertainment headset in the market thanks to supporting connectivity and content on almost any device that support HDMI outputs. the collaboration with OSVR opens this up further and brings an excellent ecosystem that standardizes interfaces between devices and adds VR support for our products from a growing list of exciting new applications. we look forward to meeting with industry experts at GDC to garner more exposure for our brand new Iwear 720 video headphones which are ideal for avid gamers.’

wearer’s can play games, apps and watch 2D, 3D and 360° VR movies – INNOVAticias

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