martes, febrero 7, 2023

Zero motorcycles awarded U.S patent for its revolutionary intercennect technology

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, was recently awarded a U.S. patent for the revolutionary battery interconnect system used to power its line of motorcycles. First integrated into production models as early as 2006, this interconnect system is low resistance, flexible and rugged. The patented technology allows Zero to create high power density packs that operate at maximum efficiency under extreme loads with passive air-cooling.

This new technology marks a milestone in electric motorcycle innovation because it enables the Z-Force power pack to withstand years of vibration and impacts due to highly demanding conditions.

“The Z-Force Interconnect system is central to creating a power pack that is lightweight, power dense and highly durable,” said Neal Saiki, founder and C.T.O., of Zero Motorcycles. “This patent marks a breakthrough in developing motorcycles that combine the best aspects of a traditional motorcycle with today’s most advanced technology.”

In contrast to most conventional power packs, the Z-Force Interconnect system uses a highly conductive and flexible wiring harness that is low resistance and maintains superior connectivity over time. The harness consists of braided conductors that are mechanically pressed into the terminals of the battery cells. After years of enduring the vibrations and quick impacts commonly found on the road or trail the resistance of the connectors in the power pack remains low and firmly intact. The low resistance keeps the pack running cool and reduces the amount energy wasted in the form of heat. This allows for Zero’s high-current power packs to be air-cooled and sometimes sealed, further reducing cost, improving performance and increasing reliability.

Zero Motorcycles’ complete product lineup is available for purchase exclusively through the Zero Motorcycles website: Interested riders can now schedule demo rides on the highly popular Zero X and MX, or the Zero S street motorcycle and the Zero DS dual sport model. To schedule a demo ride in your area, visit –



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