SRT contemplates the future supercar with tomahawk vision gran turismo

Fiat chrysler automobiles (FCA) announced with their performance division, street racing technology (SRT), the ‘tomahawk vision gran turismo’ in detroit, us.

The 2035 supercar concepts come in three variations: – ’S vision’, ‘GTS-R vision’ and ‘X vision’. the design and SRT engineering departments partnered for the ‘tomahawk’ with ideas and technology that goes a beyond modern day racing cars. the main power source of the ‘tomahawk is a seven liter V10 engine. a pneumatic power unit that stores compressed air is connected to the front tires to operate the air suspension system for all four wheels, along with the active aero flaps that ensure the highest possible downforce for optimal grip around on the track.

the ‘tomahawk’ comes in three models

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‘we had fun stretching our minds to create the SRT tomahawk for gran turismo 6,’ says mike shinedling, SRT engineering manager of advanced concepts. ‘the game places a high emphasis on capturing reality in a virtual environment; our goal was to respect that philosophy by focusing on plausible future technologies that could achieve our vision of extreme performance. everyone can appreciate an exquisite design and something that is beautifully engineered; when those two things are brought together in a fusion of cooperation, there is nothing more exciting.’

the low body is designed to hug the track

the exterior shape has a narrow frame and has a structural spine that flows from the cockpit. the front face of the ‘tomahawk’ was aerodynamically sculpted to glide the air through the car to the rear where the user can view the plasma lighting tail lights and five exhaust pipes. the clear cockpit and engine covers are made of grapheme lattice – a form of carbon. the instrument and communication information fed to the driver are all displayed in an overlay on this grapheme surface as well. SRT ‘tomahawk vision gran turismo’ will appear as an update on playstation’s exclusive title ‘gran turismo 6’ in the summer of 2015. – INNOVAticias

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