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Asia gears up for sustainable packaging meet

The Asia Sustainable Packaging Summit 2010 will be held in Pines from October 25 to 26 with about 300 delegates from the food, electronics, pharmaceutical and beauty sectors.

The Packaging Council of Singapore and the Singapore Packaging Agreement organized the event to address current packaging issues, build bridges and generate sales through sustainable packaging.

The conference will present packaging awards to recognize individuals who made outstanding contribution to the goals of the Singapore Packaging Agreement. Meanwhile, industry players, nongovernmental organizations, government officials and the academe can share knowledge, as well as establish social connections.

In addition, participants can also visit several functional plants, such as the NEWater Visitor Center, Semakau landfill, Tetra Pak and the Tuas South incineration plant.

Several organizations supported the event, including the National Environment Agency, the Singapore Manufacturers’ Federation, the Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association, the World Packaging Organization, Spring Singapore, the Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore and the Asian Packaging Organization.

Yaacob Ibrahim, Singapore’s minister for environment and water resources, will be the guest of honor and presenter of the 3R Packaging Awards, which will be held simultaneously with the conference. He will also give the opening remarks for the event.

Consumers worldwide are seeking for packaging materials that protect goods from physical damage, maintain consistent product quality and facilitate product handling without any significant environmental impacts.

Packaging is considered to be one of the largest contributors to urban waste. Currently, governments worldwide are looking for methods to cut waste as landfill and waste management facilities are limited.





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